Medical IT Services for health care, hospitals & NHS.

Bates Health offer customers the latest in pioneering medical technology. Bates health care deliver the products you need to put patient well being first.

We deliver effective solutions that ultimately improve the fundamental and primary objective of the primary objective of the NHS client.

The key to our success is fast, versatile, totally reliable networks to carry medical IT servces that cut costs, reduce wastage, boost efficiency and maximise resources – all while delivering the highest standards of care.

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Bates health care innovations

Medical IT Services for health care.

New products and innovations are of great benefit to our clients:

This is what we do…

We work in both the public sector and private sector.

At Bates Health, our aim is to give you an insight of our approach to delivering medical IT services the offer cost reducing solutions, coupled with cutting edge healthcare products. Our team of professional health care personnel are committed to the success of your medical organisation, developing collaborative processes which support new ways of working, delivering change and transforming health care services.

Considering issues such as environment, health and safety and management of quality, Bates Health fulfil Medical and Healthcare IT projects with capability and confidence, but we can also do much more than simply deliver on time, on budget and to the required specifications.

We are committed to the success of your health care organisation.


“The Bates Group supplemented our Digital Services Programme on two major projects- a full network upgrade and the migration from two old outlook email exchange servers and consolidation to NSH Mail across two merged Trusts.”

Shauna McMahon, Former CIO
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

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